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The bottom line of web design and development is this: Show up online dressed like every other salesperson, and nobody’s going to let you inside the house. Shutting a door in your face is as simple as mouse-clicking an X. To get doors opened—and keep them that way—your website needs to stand out while staying easy on the eyes and easy on users’ brains.

Employees creating a web development strategy
Web strategy that complements your overall marketing strategy

Do you want your good business turned into a GREAT BRAND, the market leader in your product or service category? Untangle this ever-changing world of marketing with Mid-West Family.  We are expert branding strategists and we’ll show you how to earn mind-share that equals market-share! Make your business the household name in your market, with the marketing strategists at Mid-West Family. On-air, On-line and On-site – Contact us Today!

We start with site architecture, making sure the user experience is comfortable, with intuitive navigation and well-organized content. Then we bring your website to life with the perfect design.

Each page is built to compel viewers to some sort of action: subscribe, submit, inquire, reserve, buy, comment, or engage with your business. Everything from image placement to high-yield keywords is taken into account. Graphic designers weigh in on how to lead the viewers’ eye from point to point.

SEO experts build the hidden backbone to get you in search results. Developers add the integration you need, from list-growth tools to behavior-tracking to “sticky” content that keeps the user coming back.

Our website design and development services offer:

  • Web designs with your vision in mind
  • Navigation made easy for your customers
  • Search engine optimization that improves search rankings
  • A friendly team of professionals partnering with you at all stages

We can also help you watch who is coming to your site, how they’re getting there, which pages they are visiting, how long they’re staying, and what actions they’re taking—all to be sure the site is working well for users so it works well for your business.

On-air, On-line and On-site.

Untangle this ever-changing world of marketing.Mid-West Family is your solutions provider.