Our Executive Team

Theresa Timm

General Manager

I’m an experienced Sales Director skilled in Sales, Marketing Strategy, Digital Media, Social Media, and Corporate Training. I started at Mid-West Family in 1995 and shot up the sales ranks, in just five short years. I was awarded the Mid-West Family’s prestigious Master Sales Performer Ruby Ring in September 2000.

I graduated with honors, from the October 2001 Wizard Academy in Buda, Texas and created the Mid-West Family Branding System. In addition, I won an NAB Fellowship to Georgetown University in 2005, and studied Marketing, Management, and Broadcasting with 8 other marketing professionals from around the World.

I was certified by LMA as a Digital Marketing Specialist, and continue my study of the ever-changing, on-line world, with digital education and training from the experts at Borrell and Associates. I have 25-years of expertise in Client Problem/Solution Consulting. I train our Sales Force, in all of our Markets across the Midwest, to build custom solution strategies that help local and regional clients become top-of-mind brands, and achieve their business’ Sales and Marketing goals.

I have the best damn job on the planet – I LOVE what I do – and can’t wait to work with your company to untangle all things marketing – and help your business become THE household name in your market! On-air, On-line, On-site - contact Mid-West Family dash today!

Corri Moran

Business Manager

I have been in marketing for over 20 years. I have assisted countless sales professionals and their clients to help achieve their sales and marketing goals. I organize the growing list of tactics available to build successful client strategies and keep everyone focused on solving problems for our clients.

I’m responsible for ensuring correct invoicing, billing, and reporting is available and transparent for all of our clients, and I’ll work closely with you to ensure your client Dashboard experience is exactly what you need to monitor and track the results of your Digital Campaigns.

Contact me today, and I’ll coordinate a conversation with our dash Sales Team, to set up an appointment and help you untangle all things marketing. Let Mid-West Family dash help your business become THE household name in your market!

Digital Sales Consultant

Joe Daguanno

Joe Daguanno

Digital Sales Consultant

I am like the Vince Vaughn character (Peter LaFleur) from “DodgeBall,” just the average Joe getting by and trying to bring out the best for my teammates and partners.

I have been working with hundreds of local, regional, national and international clients on branding and marketing strategy for over 30 years.  I have worked in print, TV, radio and outdoor. I am a graduate of the Wizard Academy led by Roy Williams, who is known as one of the masters of branding message strategy.  In 2008, I started working on a business plan for a traditional broadcast media company to make the Grand Canyon-like leap into digital marketing. We opened up our virtual doors in 2010 and never looked back.  I can help your business with traditional and non-traditional media tactics, brand and message strategy and coaching & training techniques. I have created an on going seminar series across the Midwest and have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some tremendously talented partners and clients.

I would love to have the opportunity to add you to the team and help your business grow.

Director of Content Strategy

Jon Wuebben

Jon Wuebben

Director of Content Strategy

I am the author of the 2017 book, "Future Marketing: Winning in the Prosumer Age". I am also the author of, “Content is Currency: Developing Powerful Content for Web & Mobile” and "Content Rich: Writing Your Way to Wealth on the Web".
I regularly speak on the topics of content marketing, the future of marketing and entrepreneurship to groups all over the country. I have spoken at events such as the Online Marketing Summit, SXSW, Content Marketing World, New Media Expo and for a number of business groups, associations and large corporations. To find out more about my speaking topics, or book me for an event: http://futuremarketingbook.com/speaking/
I am a former adjunct professor of Entrepreneurship and Business 101 at two local community colleges (Miracosta College and Miramar College). Served from 2010-2013.
Specialties: Content Writing, Content Strategy, Entrepreneurship

On-air, On-line and On-site.

Untangle this ever-changing world of marketing.Mid-West Family is your solutions provider.