Millennial Marketing

That quote was from “The Breakfast Club,” the iconic John Hughes movie from 1985.

So what do Jeff Bender, Richard Vernon or Claire Standish have to do with a blog about Millennial Marketing?  That quote embodied the spirit of the youth at the time.

“An often-overlooked reality is that most leaders of major corporations grew up in a world without the Internet. Their dreams were capped by the realities of the post–Industrial Revolution. Hence, their outlook on the world today and the ensuing protocols of major corporations is riddled with bureaucracy and the path most taken. This affects how big companies build their culture, make hiring decisions, and plan their futures.”
― Matt Britton, YouthNation: Building Remarkable Brands in a Youth-Driven Culture

This quote embodies the spirit of the youth at this time.

The two are eerily connected. 

The 80 million American citizens born between 1982 and 1998 are a well-informed consumer army. Without a revolution, they are transforming American culture, business and politics and you better be in front of the tidal wave instead of behind.

How do you reach them?  How do you speak to them?  How do you make them buy your products or services?

Remember these four main tenets;

  • Millennials are experiential – The purchase process becomes an experience for these consumers.  The brand becomes a lifestyle.  What is the Nike lifestyle (hint; it’s not about shoes)?
  • Millennials listen bottom up – Being talked down to from the brand CEO or President will just turn this consumer off.  Being talked equal to from a brand influencer turns this consumer on. 
  • Access over ownership – Also known as sharing or renting an economy.  Millennials don’t want to be tied down.  Home ownership and having kids takes a back seat to a social economy.
  • Free Agency – The quintessential side hustle becomes the main game. 

Ask yourself, are you speaking to Youth Nation or with Youth Nation.  Better be the latter.  Your future depends on it.  

Signed, The Breakfast Club

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