How to Make Your Website Different

The internet is a huge, never ending database. You don’t want people to play the “Where’s Waldo” game with your business’s website. There are ways you can show up higher on Google with SEO. But as soon as someone finally finds your website, don’t make them turn away! It is important to provide an easy-to-navigate website for your potential customer that stands out from the rest to improve your website’s bounce rate.

In a sea of websites on the internet, here are some important ways to make your website different from your competition’s!

  • Update Frequently – it is important that your website provides the most up-to-date information for your new and existing customers for best communication.
  • Make it Fun – add graphics and be more personal in your content to connect with the reader.
  • Make it Searchable – because we are busy, we expect everything to be right in front of us without doing much searching. If you have a lot of content on your website, no one is going to hunt around it. Make it easy to find whatever someone is looking for with an organized website that is searchable!
  • Add a Blog – put your expertise into words and provide tips and guidance on things within your industry. Blogs will also help potential customers find your website online.
  • Make Sure Its Mobile Friendly – more than 70% of all visits to the internet are on a mobile device. It is important that your website is compatible with mobile to your website is easiest to navigate and read.
  • Headlines and Graphics – people aren’t reading as much anymore. When someone is on your website, they are most likely skimming it. Most people want to see big headlines that tell them what they want to know and graphics that tell the story! Supporting text is there for just that, support (and SEO)!
  • Be You – Being you is what makes you different because nobody can be you. Make the site sound like you and look like you. Have your website reflect your company’s services and values to help establish trust and a bond with your customers! Because just as there’s someone out there for everyone, there are people searching for a website like yours!

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