Talent Circles

Recognize this?

Yes, some may see the Olympic circles.

By the way, in case you were wondering…the Olympic circles represent the five continents of the world, united by Olympism

I see Talent Circles.

Back in 2010, I created a start-up digital marketing company financed in large part by an iconic broadcast group.  I had to recruit multi-talented individuals who could play multiple roles.  IT techs who could sell. Content creators who could run analytics. Project managers who could design. 

It was a lesson in recruitment. 

When you are recruiting for your company, it pays to have talent circles intertwined. Where the overlap exists can produce magical results. As the individual grows, your company will as well. 

Also, you should never not be recruiting.  You never know where talent circles will blossom.

Remember, if you keep people in a box…you will never be able to think outside of it.

That’s Gold Medal stuff right there! 

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